Austria's Next Topmodel

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Austria's Next Topmodel
GenreReality television
Created byTyra Banks
Presented byEveline Hall (8-)[1]
Lena Gercke (1-4)
Melanie Scheriau (5-7)
JudgesEveline Hall (8-)
Marina Hoermanseder (8-)
Daniel Bamdad (8-)
Papis Loveday (6-7)
Michael Urban (6-7)
Rolf Scheider (5) [2]
Carmen Kreuzer (5)[3]
Atil Kutoglu (3-4)
Elvyra Geyer (3-4)
Andrea Weidler (1-2)
Andreas Ortner(2)
Sabine Landl (2)
Alamande Belfor (1)
Opening themeVera Böhnisch - "Take Me Higher" (1)
Cobra Starship - "Good Girls Go Bad" (2)
Victoria S - "One In A Million" (3)
Jason Derulo - "Breathing" (4)
Zedd - "Spectrum" (5)
Leona Lewis - "Fire under my feet" (7)
Felix Jaehn - "Hot2Touch" (8)
Country of originAustria
No. of seasons8
No. of episodes80
Running time120 mins
Original networkPuls 4 (2009–16)
ATV (2017–present)[4]
Original release8 January 2009 –
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Austria's Next Topmodel is an Austrian reality television series based on Tyra Banks' America's Next Top Model, which sees a number of aspiring models compete against each other in a variety of competitions to determine who will win the title of Austria's Next Topmodel, among other prizes in hopes of a successful career in the modelling industry. The eighth season will begin airing on the second week of November 2017.


For the first four cycles, the show was hosted by Lena Gercke, the winner of the first cycle of Germany's Next Topmodel. Gercke is the first Top Model winner to become the host of a Top Model series. The judging panel for the show's first cycle consisted of the head of Vienna-based modelling agency Wiener Models, Andrea Weidler, and runway coach Alamande Belfor. It aired from January to February 2009 and was won by Larissa Marolt. As part of her prize package for winning the contest, Marolt won a place on the fourth cycle of Germany's Next Topmodel, where she placed eighth.

In mid-2009, Puls4 aired a spin-off of the show, Die Model WG, which featured six of cycle one's contestants. The show was won by Kordula Stöckl.

The second cycle aired from November 2009 to February 2010. Its catchphrase was "More girls, more jet set, more glamour". Former model and photographer Andreas Ortner joined the judging panel, replacing Alamande Belfor. Beauty expert Sabine Landl, who was the models' stylist in cycle 1, also joined the panel. The winner of the cycle was Aylin Kösetürk.

The third cycle premiered in January 2011 and introduced new judges; designer Atil Kutoglu and runway coach Elvyra Geyer with Gercke remaining as the host.[5] The cycle featured a significant change in the cast, and that one girl per federal state plus five wildcards made the cut. Additionally, there was an international destination in every episode, however only the contestants who won the casting were allowed to travel to that destination.

Gercke did not return to host the fifth cycle in order to concentrate on her own modelling career.[6] Austrian model Melanie Scheriau is currently hosting the new cycle that began to air in January 2013.[1] The sixth cycle featured male contestants for the first time and aured in late 2014.[7] Cycle 7 aired from late 2015 to spring 2016. Cycle 8 will begin airing on 11/2/2017

Males were introduced to the competition in the sixth cycle of the show. In addition to that, the social media scoring system used in the American version of the show was also implemented. In contrast to the American adaptation, each voter is required to cast their votes via Facebook. Furthermore, there is no grading scale. Each Facebook account is allotted three votes, which can be spent on any combination of contestants. The contestant with the highest number of votes each round is granted immunity, while the contestant with the lowest amount is automatically nominated for elimination along with three other contestants chosen by the judges.

The ProSiebenSat.1 Mediagroup announced that the upcoming season would air on ATV Austria thus moving from Puls 4.[8]


Judges Seasons
Lena Gercke Main
Melanie Scheriau Main
Eveline Hall Main
Judging Panelists
Allemande Belfor Main
Andrea Weidler Main Guest
Sabine Landl Guest Main
Andreas Ortner Main Guest
Elvyra Geyer Guest Main
Atil Kutoglu Guest Main
Carmen Kreuzer Guest Main
Rolf Scheider Main
Papis Loveday Main
Michael Urban Main
Daniel Bamdad Main
Marina Hoermanseder Main


Show title[edit]

Before the show began, it caused controversy because of another modeling contest named Österreichs (German for "Austria's") Next Topmodel, which was established in 2007. Dominik Wachta, founder of what can be described as a mix between a model casting and a beauty pageant, accused the TV channel Puls 4 for stealing his idea. Further steps to change the name of the show have been unsuccessful as it was already licensed by CBS as the role-model version created by Tyra Banks.[9]

Racism controversy[edit]

In the third cycle, contestant Magalie Berghahn was eliminated from the show due to the racist comments she made during a phone conversation with her boyfriend. She referred to fellow competitor Lydia Nnenna Obute as "neger oide" (negative afflicted Austrian slang for "black woman") and to Vanessa Lotz as "Deitsche" (slang for German woman). Both Obute and Lotz won a go-see that episode. The conversation was fully taped and aired during the show. She was confronted by host Lena Gercke with the video material in front of the other two girls. Gercke then told her that she was expelled from the show because the competition had no room for racist ideas and thoughts. Puls 4 was later accused of using the controversy for promotional purposes as Berghahns comments had already shown in the preview for the episode and had not censored when the episode aired.[10] Berghahn was not invited to the final runway show during the cycles finale. She later stated that the scandal had ruined her life.[11]

Death of Sabrina Rauch[edit]

In January 2012, 21-year-old Sabrina Angelika Rauch (a cycle 4 contestant) died in a car crash after spinning out of control on her way home from a party. Her vehicle collided with a concrete mast with Rauch being killed at the scene of the accident instantly.[12] Her co-driver, a 26-year-old male friend, survived the accident.[13] Only three days before the episode featuring Rauch's elimination was aired, a nude photo shoot she did prior to her participation on the show was exposed. She was confronted by the judges for having taken the photos, and they stated that it was 'too low for a top model' while the other contestants witnessed the scene. A friend of Rauch criticized the program for the editing of that certain scene.[14] At the beginning of the next episode of the show, the broadcast station expressed their condolences to Rauch's relatives and friends on a silent screen.


Cycle Premiere date Winner Runner-up Other contestants in order of elimination Number of contestants International Destination(s)
1 8 January 2009 Larissa Marolt Victoria Hooper Piroschka Khyo, Birgit Königstorfer, Christiane Pliem & Kordula Stöckl, Julia Mähder, Kim Sade-Tiroch, Constanzia Delort-Laval, Tamara Puljarevic 10 Italy
2 25 November 2009 Aylin Kösetürk Sarah Unterberger Julia Huber, Lisa Schottak (quit), Angelika Czapka, Manuela Frey & Vanessa Hooper, Iris Shala, Anna Steinwendner, Jennifer Kogler, Lina Köberl, Johanna Gruber, Nina Kollmann 13 Turkey
United Kingdom
South Africa
Cape Town
3 6 January 2011 Lydia Obute Katharina Theuermann Lisa Berghold (quit), Victoria Vogeler, Sarah Preiml, Magalie Berghahn (disqualified), Nadine Oberteiler, Linda Linorter, Vanessa Lotz & Valerie Heidenreich, Nicole Gerzabek, Julia Trummer, Darija Gavric, Romana Gruber 14 United States
New York City
4 12 January 2012 Antonia Hausmair Gina Adamu Isabelle Raisa & Alina Chlebecek, Sabrina Rauch & Katharina Mihalovic, Nataša Maric, Michaela Schopf (quit), Christine Riener, Madalina Andreica, Yemisi Rieger, Izabela Pop Kostic, Nadine Trinker & Bianca Ebelsberger, Lana Baltic, Melisa Popanicic 16 Israel
Tel Aviv
United States
New York City
5 3 January 2013 Greta Uszkai Katrin Krinner Charlotte Rothpletz, Nadja Sejranic, Tatjana Catic (quit), Sabrina Kastner, Iris Mann, Sina Lisa Petru, Sabrina-Nathalie Reitz, Luca Stemer, Vanessa Rolke, Isabelle Postl & Charlotte Aichhorn, Stefanie Wedam, Aleksandra Stankovic 15 Egypt
6 11 September 2014 Oliver Stummvoll Sanela Velagic Stella Schaljo, Anna-Maria Jurisic, Sylvia Mankowska, Michael Molterer, Mario Novak, Michelle Hübner & René Neßler, Miro Slavov & Carina Kriechhammer, Sonja Plöchl (quit), Kajetan Gerharter, Christoph Tauber Romieri, Damir Jovanovic & Lydia Zoglmeier, Manuel Stummvoll, Manuela Kral 18 Cyprus
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
7 15 September 2015 Fabian Herzgsell Angelina Stolz Johannes Spilka, Felix Schiller, Lukas Krammer (quit) & Jelena Vujcic, Alexandra Kröpfl, Benedikt Cekolj, Adrian Oshioke, Bianca Konarzewski, Junel Anderson, Nicole Fried, Katja Peterka, Patrick Treffer, Maximiliano Mantovani (quit), Bernhard Stich, Melisa Sretkovic, Tassilo Herberstein, Gloria Burtscher, Mia Sabathy 20 Morocco
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Monte Carlo
8 2 November 2017 Isak Omorodion Peter Mairhofer
Simone Sevignani
Theresa Steinkellner (quit), Christian Benesch, Jules Baumgartner & Doina Barbaneagra, Edvin Franijc, Daniela Kuperion, Julia Forstner & Lukas Schlinger, Max Gombocz & Sanda Gutic, Allegra Bell 14 Finland
9 2019 TBA TBA TBA TBA France
Côte d’Azur


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