Austria–Philippines relations

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Austria–Philippines relations
Map indicating locations of Austria and Philippines



The Austria–Philippines relations refers to the bilateral relations between Austria and the Philippines.


Austrian presence in the Philippines has been established as early as 1871, with the establishment of an Austro-Hungarian honorary consulate in Manila.[1][2]

Formal diplomatic relations between Austria and the Philippines was established on October 17, 1946. In 1973, the Philippines opened its resident embassy in Vienna. Prior to that, Philippine interests in Austria was represented under the Philippine Embassy in Bern, Switzerland.[3]

Austria established its own embassy in Manila in 1982.[4]

Labor relations[edit]

As of 2014, there are about 35,000 Filipinos in Austria, most of them involved in the health and service sector.[1] An estimated amount of 90 percent of the Filipinos in Austria are employed as nurses and midwives in hospital and homes of old folks throughout Austria. Filipino nurses started to flock to Austria as early as on the 1970s.[5]

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