Austria at the 1896 Summer Olympics

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Austria at the
1896 Summer Olympics
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IOC code AUT
NOC Austrian Olympic Committee
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in Athens
Competitors 3 in 3 sports
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1906 Intercalated Games

Three sportsmen from Austria competed at the 1896 Summer Olympics. Though Austria was then a part of Austria-Hungary, most sources separate Austrian competitors from the Hungarians at the 1896 Games.


Austria finished in seventh position in the final medal rankings, with two gold medals and five medals overall.

Medal Name Sport Event
 Gold Adolf Schmal Cycling 12 hour race
 Gold Paul Neumann Swimming 500 m freestyle
 Silver Otto Herschmann Swimming 100 m Freestyle
 Bronze Adolf Schmal Cycling Time trial
 Bronze Adolf Schmal Cycling 10 km


All three of Schmal's medals were won in the cycling competitions, even though he competed in two different sports. He competed in four events, earning a top three finish in three of them. In the time trial event, Schmal tied for second place Stamatios Nikolopoulos. A race-off between the two broke the tie in favor of the Greek athlete.


Athlete Event Time / Distance Rank
Adolf Schmal Time trial 26.0 Bronze medal icon.svg
10 km Unknown Bronze medal icon.svg
100 km DNF -
12 hour race 314.997 km Gold medal icon.svg


Schmal also competed in the sabre fencing tournament, placing fourth in the five-man round robin.

Athlete Event Record Touches Final Rank
Wins Losses For Against
Adolf Schmal Sabre 1 3 7 11 4
Opponent nation Wins Losses Percent
Denmark 0 1 .000
Greece 1 2 .333
Total 1 3 .250


Two Austrian swimmers competed in 1896. One of the two competed in each of the three open events, and each swimmer won one medal.

Athlete Events Final
Time Rank
Otto Herschmann 100 m freestyle 1:22.8 Silver medal icon.svg
Paul Neumann 500 m freestyle 8:12.6 Gold medal icon.svg
1200 m freestyle DNF -


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