Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest 1991

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Eurovision Song Contest 1991
Country  Austria
National selection
Selection process National Final
Selection date(s) 16 March 1991
Selected entrant Thomas Forstner
Selected song "Venedig Im Regen"
Finals performance
Final result 22nd, 0 points
Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Austria competed at the Eurovision Song Contest 1991, held in Rome, Italy.

The Austrian entry was Thomas Forstner with the song "Venedig Im Regen" (English: Venice In The Rain), composed by Robby Musenbichler, Hubert Moser and Wolfgang Eltner.

The Austrian national final to select the entry was held on 16 March 1991, hosted by Andreas Steppan and Nicole Fendesack

National final[edit]

The Austrian final was held at the ORF studios in Vienna. The winner was decided by 50% televoting and 50% "expert" jury.

Draw Artist Song Place
1 Alex "Zurück Zu Dir" 8
2 Erwin Bros "Nur Vom Frieden Zu Reden" 4
3 Natascha "Gebt Den Kindern Dieser Welt..." 10
4 Three Girl Madhouse "1001" 9
5 Anita "Land In Sicht" 7
6 Fresh "Spürst Du..." 6
7 Tony Wegas "Wunder Dieser Welt" 2
8 Curt Strohm "Feuer" 5
9 Alex & Elisa "Du Und Ich" 3
10 Thomas Forstner "Venedig Im Regen" 1

At Eurovision[edit]

Forstner performed 6th on the night of the contest, following Switzerland's Sandra Simó's with Canzone per te and preceding Luxembourg's Sarah Bray with Un baiser volé. At the close of the voting the song had received nul points, placing last of 22.

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