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An Austrian Cultural Forum is an agency of the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, whose task consists of the cultural and scientific dialogue with artists and scientists of each particular host country. A Cultural forum focuses on the specific needs of local users and partners, and works independently on different contents. The international network currently consists of 30 cultural forums.

(originally established as either a "cultural institute" or a "cultural department of an Austrian embassy",which, in March 2001, were both renamed as "cultural forum")

City Established Name in local language
Belgrade 2001 austrijski kulturni forum
Berlin 1991 österreichisches kulturforum
Bern 2001 österreichisches kulturforum
Brüssel 2001 forum culturel autrichienbru, oostenrijks cultuurforumbru, österreichisches kulturforumbru [1]
Budapest 1976 osztrák kulturális fórum
Bucharest 1999 forumul cultural austriac
Istanbul 1974 avusturya kültür ofisi
Cairo 1959 Austrian cultural forum
Kiev 1994
Krakau 1990 austriackie forum kultury
Ljubljana 1990 avstrijski kulturni forum
London 1956 Austrian cultural forum
Madrid 1992 foro cultural de Austria
Milan 1993 forum austriaco di cultura
Mexico City 2002 foro cultural de Austria
Moscow 2001
New Delhi 2007 Austrian cultural forum
New York 1956 Austrian cultural forum
Ottawa 2001 Austrian cultural forum
Paris 1954 forum culturel autrichien
Peking 2004 österreichisches kulturforum
Prag 1993 rakouské kulturní fórum
Bratislava 1990 rakúske kultúrne forúm
Rome 1935 forum austriaco di cultura
Teheran 1958 Das einzige Kulturforum, an dem auch Deutsch unterrichtet wird.
Tel Aviv 2001
Tokyo 2001
Warsaw 1965 austriackie forum kultury
Washington 2001 Austrian cultural forum
Zagreb 1974 austrijski kulturni forum

ACF Translation Prize[edit]

The ACF Translation Prize is an annual literary prize that supported translations of contemporary Austrian fiction, poetry, and drama which had not previously appeared in English, with a grant of 3,000. The first award was in 2009. In 2012 and 2013 the award was "suspended until further notice" due to budgetary constraints, it was revived in 2014.[2]

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