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Austrian Fencing Federation
Regional affiliationEFC
PresidentRitwik Rastogi
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The Austrian Fencing Federation (German: Österreichischer Fechtverband, ÖFV) is the national organisation for fencing in Austria and as such is a member of the international governing body for amateur fencing, the Fédération Internationale d'Escrime. It is based in Graz.

The Austrian Fencing Federation was founded in 1929,[1] with Richard Brunner as its first president, although there had been earlier Austrian fencing bodies, beginning in 1887 with a German-Austrian Fencing Federation founded in Mannheim. It was dissolved in 1938 as a result of the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany, and refounded on 26 April 1946.[2] As of 2010, it had 52 constituent organisations with a total of 1,430 members. There are also two general secretaries.

Since 2008, the president of the federation has been Markus Mareich.


Notable Austrian fencers[edit]


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