Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society

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Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society
Pencil on board
Abbreviation ALWS
Formation 1974
Purpose Research and Education
Coordinates 47°37′N 16°0′E / 47.617°N 16.000°E / 47.617; 16.000Coordinates: 47°37′N 16°0′E / 47.617°N 16.000°E / 47.617; 16.000
Open to scholars and students
Official language
German and English
Secretary General
Dr. Volker Munz
Professor Christian Kanzian

Institute Vienna Circle[1]

Die Internationale Ludwig Wittgenstein Gesellschaft[2]
Österreichische Gesellschaft für Philosophie[3]

The Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society was first established in 1974 to promote philosophical conferences, workshops, summer schools, and research that are inspired by the work of Ludwig Wittgenstein and the Vienna Circle.[4][5] It is an international society, which also has a publication series.[6]


In 1974, Elisabeth Leinfellner, Werner Leinfellner, Rudolf Haller, Paul Weingartner, and Adolf Hübner founded the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society (ALWS), but it was the impetuous of the first International Wittgenstein Symposium in Kirchberg am Wechsel, Lower Austria that led to its development as an international society. The location of the ALWS is in Kirchberg am Wechsel and the location was selected because Ludwig Wittgenstein taught at elementary schools close Kirchberg am Wechsel in the 1920s.[5]


The ALWS has two primary goals.

  • To promote the analysis, tradition, and dissemination of Wittgenstein’s philosophy.
  • To promote, more generally, philosophy that has its roots in Austria and other countries with emphasis on analytic philosophy inspired by Wittgenstein and philosophy of science inspired by, but not limited to, the philosophy of the Vienna Circle.[7]


They currently report 120 members both national and international. Individuals can download an application form their website. Membership is decided by the Executive Committee of the ALWS based on academic criteria. Students pay half the fee. Members receive a 30% discount on fees for the International Wittgenstein Symposium and for ALWS publications.[8]


Since the first International Wittgenstein Symposium, the ALWS has published its proceedings. In 2006, they started a new series (published by ontos verlag). The new series contains:[6]

  • The official proceedings of the International Wittgenstein Symposium
  • Special workshops
  • High-quality publications submitted to and reviewed by the ALWS.

International Ludwig Wittgenstein Institute (ILWI)[edit]

The ILWI was recently founded by the ALWS and supports scientific and cultural projects that are related to Wittgenstein’s philosophy and the goals of the ALWS. The ILWI presents:[9]

  • Workshops
  • Summer schools
  • Wittgenstein lectures
  • Research opportunities at the ILWI


The Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society is funded by the government of Lower Austria, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research, Austrian National Bank, Raiffeisenbank NÖ-Süd Alpin, Kirchberg am Wechsel, membership fees, and donations.[10]

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