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The Austrian Social Service (Österreichischer Sozialdienst) is part of the Austrian Service Abroad, founded by Andreas Maislinger in 1998. It offers the possibility to substitute the compolsary military service in Austria with a 12-months service abroad.

Mission and structure[edit]

The Social Service supports the social and economic development of a country. It can be done at various deployment locations that are operated by a multitude of partner organisations. Austrian Service Abroad currently offers 42 placements for social service. (as of February 2010). The partner organisations are spread over 4 continents and have a vast number of tasks and aims.


The placements are with projects for street children, educational projects and children's villages, projects to help the aged or handicapped, to provide medical care and to support homosexuals. Furthermore, there are environmental projects and projects supporting economic development in third-world countries.

Social service in England[edit]

Dorton House School

The Royal London Society for the Blind is one of Austrian Service Abroad's oldest partner organizations. At the RLSB’s Dorton House School for blind and disabled children, Austrian social servants support the staff as assistant teachers, in and outside classes. Frequently, they also join the staff on the school’s several excursions, where additional help is always needed. With their work, Austrian Social Servants not only represent their home country in a unique way, but also contribute an important part to the success and welfare of the many students.


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  • Nairobi - Kenya Water for Health Organisation (KWAHO)

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  • Oslo - Jodisk Aldersbolig

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  • Minsk - Belarusian Children's Hospice
  • Minsk - 'Dietski dom no. 6' - Kinderheim no.6
  • Minsk - Kindergarten for Children with Special Needs

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