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Austrian Times is an Austrian daily English-language newspaper available online or as a downloadable PDF or newsletter that was founded in 2005. It was created to fill a gap in English-language news in Austria after the closure of the English language Austrian radio station Blue Danube Radio and the daily English language news service published by the Wiener Zeitung, the world's oldest still in publication newspaper. Although it is the only daily English news service in Austria and has a considerable readership with over 350,000 unique visitors a month, the project is not a commercial success with very little income to offset the costs of maintaining the paper's online newsroom. Despite that, it continues to be run as a community service for its readers and offers coverage of politics, business, sports, culture, travel, and general Austria-related news and weather from its office in Vienna.

The paper is run by a group of journalists who offer their time for free and who are unpaid. It also has a close relationship with the news agency Central European News Ltd that provides editorial material for free. CEN Ltd runs a news wire service that sells editorial content with a fee charged only for what is published.


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