Austrian conscription referendum, 2013

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A non-binding referendum on ending conscription was held in Austria on 20 January 2013. The proposal was supported by the Social Democratic Party and the Green Party and opposed by the Austrian People's Party and the FPÖ.[1] Though constitutionally not obliged to act on, both parties in government have stated that they will honour the results.[2]

The motion to end conscription and introduce a professional army was rejected.


Referendum on the abolishment of conscription
Choice Votes  %
Referendum failed No 1,947,116 59.7
Yes 1,315,278 40.3
Valid votes 3,262,394 97.5
Invalid or blank votes 82,546 2.5
Total votes 3,344,940 100.00
Registered voters and turnout 6,378,478 52.4
Source: Austrian Ministry of the Interior
Anti-professional army protesters outside the Austrian Parliament Building on 11 December 2012.