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The Austrian presidential election of 1998 was won by the incumbent president Thomas Klestil, who sought re-election as an independent candidate. The Austrian People's Party, who had originally put him up in 1992, reluctantly supported him again, while the Austrian Social Democratic Party and the Austrian Freedom Party did not propose any competing candidates. Klestils competitors were Heide Schmidt, leader of the Liberal Forum, Gertraud Knoll, the former Lutheran superintendent of Burgenland (supported by the Greens), socialite Richard Lugner and Karl Walter Nowak.

Election results[edit]

e • d Summary of the 19 April 1998 Austrian presidential election results
Candidates and affiliated parties Votes %
Thomas Klestil Independent 2,644,034 63.42%
Gertraud Knoll Independent 566,551 13.59%
Heide Schmidt Liberal Forum 464,625 11.14%
Richard Lugner The Independents 413,066 9.91%
Karl Nowak Independent 81,043 1.94%
Total 4,169,319 100%
Spoilt and null votes 181,953 4.82%
Votes cast / turnout 4,351,272 74.40%
Electorate 5,848,584
† member of the Social Democratic Party of Austria
Source: Austrian ministry of Interior