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The Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association (AFLA) is a learned society that provides forums for collaborative research of Austronesian languages. It was founded in 1994 at the University of Toronto by Anna Maclachlan, Diane Massam, Richard McGinn, Barry Miller and Lisa Travis;[1] and is now administered from the University of Western Ontario. The association runs an annual conference, the most recent being AFLA XXI (May 2014), hosted by the University of Hawai'i. AFLA XX (May 2013) was hosted by the University of Texas at Arlington.[2] AFLA XIX (June 2012) was hosted by Academia Sinica. AFLA XVI (May 2009) was hosted by the University of California, Santa Cruz. AFLA XV (June–July 2008) was hosted by the University of Sydney as part of Lingfest, celebrating the International Year of Languages.

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