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Austrumi Linux
Austrumlatvijas Linukss
Austrumi logo
DeveloperAndrejs Meinerts
OS familyUnix-like
Working stateCurrent
Source modelOpen source
Latest release3.8.4 / August 9, 2018; 13 months ago (2018-08-09)
Kernel typeLinux (Monolithic)

Austrumi (Austrum Latvijas Linukss) is a bootable live CD Linux distribution (size 329 MB for version 3.7.7 [1]) . It is based on Slackware. It was created, and is currently being maintained by, a group of programmers from Latgale region of Latvia. As of August 2018, the latest official release of Austrumi Linux is 3.8.4. The entire operating system and all the applications run from RAM,[2] making AUSTRUMI faster than larger distros that must read from a disk, and allowing the boot medium to be removed after the operating system has booted.

A note for non-Latvian user : Austrumi booted straight to Latvian language, which could be confusing. To change it to English, simply click on the Setting menu (gear icon) from the application menu, and choose Voladyus (flag icon), which will spawn the language chooser. Then, select English.


It claims to be the fastest Linux distribution with 3D support for Nvidia and Intel video cards.[3] It has a modern user interface that has been translated into Latvian, Russian, English, Italian and Greek. It supports booting from CD, flash drive or hard disk.

Despite its small ISO size, Austrumi contains many packages including GIMP and Inkscape graphic editor, LibreOffice office suite, networking tools, Firefox Internet browser, FTP and mail clients, multimedia packages, classic games and system tools.It managed to include the latest version of the packages (for example, LibreOffice is on v5.3.3.2 and GIMP is on v2.9.5, both is the latest official version, as on release 3.6.4)

[3] It used Openbox as its window manager prior to release 1.2.0. In release 1.2.0 it switched over to the Enlightenment window manager and in release 1.5.0 to the Metacity window manager. Austrumi currently uses the FVWM window manager.

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