Autódromo Roberto José Mouras

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Autódromo Roberto José Mouras (La Plata)
Autódromo Roberto José Mouras.svg
Map of the track
Location La Plata, Argentina
Time zone GMT -3
Coordinates 34°58′50.6″S 58°10′49.6″W / 34.980722°S 58.180444°W / -34.980722; -58.180444Coordinates: 34°58′50.6″S 58°10′49.6″W / 34.980722°S 58.180444°W / -34.980722; -58.180444
Major events Turismo Carretera
Length 4.265 km

Autódromo Roberto José Mouras is a motorsports circuit located in La Plata, Argentina. It has hosted events in the Turismo Carretera series. Currently the track is 2.7 miles long. The inaugural race was on October 20, 1996 with a Turismo Carretera race, which was won by Emilio Satriano The lap record is held by Mariano Werner.