Autódromo Viedma

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Autódromo Viedma
Autódromo Ciudad de Viedma.svg
Map of the track
Location Viedma-Río Negro, Argentina
Time zone GMT -3
Coordinates 40°51′24.5″S 63°1′10.9″W / 40.856806°S 63.019694°W / -40.856806; -63.019694Coordinates: 40°51′24.5″S 63°1′10.9″W / 40.856806°S 63.019694°W / -40.856806; -63.019694
Major events TC2000 - Turismo Carretera
Length 4.14 km (2.57 mi)

Autódromo Viedma is a motorsports circuit located in Viedma, Argentina. It has hosted events in the TC2000 series. The circuit has two types of paths, which allow on it the organization of competitions at national, prominent among them are the Wagon Tourism, Super TC2000 and Turismo Nacional. At the same time the circuit has become an important additional space, taking into account the existence of Speedway Park City General Roca in Upper Black River Valley.

Buildings and structures in Río Negro Province