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Autaritus (died 238 BCE) was a leader of Gallic mercenaries in the Carthaginian army during the First Punic War.

With his men Autaritus fought in 262 BCE at the Battle of Agrigentum and remained loyal to Carthage when his countrymen defected en masse to the Romans. After his return to Africa he was one of the leaders of the mercenaries rebelling against Carthage in the Mercenary War of 240.

With Autaritus' gifts as an orator, and his passable command of Phoenician, he incited his men to particular savagery, and was the instigator of the massacre of the Carthaginian commander Gesco and his men. Eventually he was trapped in a canyon at the Battle of "The Saw" by the Carthaginian general Hamilcar Barca, and surrendered. Together with other mercenary leaders, he was crucified before the walls of Tunis.[1]


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