Authentic Socialist Party (Argentina)

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Authentic Socialist Party
Partido Socialista Auténtico
Founded 1960s
Ideology Socialism
Political position Left-wing
National affiliation Progresistas

The Authentic Socialist Party (Spanish: Partido Socialista Auténtico) is a socialist political party in Argentina.

Formed in the 1960s as a division of the Popular Socialist Party as the Argentine Socialist Party, it was forced to change its name in 1983 after the prohibition for political parties to have the terms National or Argentine in their names.

In 2002 the party refused to join the Popular Socialist Party and the Democratic Socialist Party in the reborn Socialist Party.

In 2007, film director Fernando 'Pino' Solanas stood for the Party to be President of Argentina. The Party gained one deputy in the Argentine Chamber of Deputies, Claudio Lozano.

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