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"Author! Author!" is a fantasy short story by American writer and scientist Isaac Asimov.

It was written in 1943, born of the author's desire to make the pages of Unknown with a fantasy. It was sold to the magazine, but never published as the magazine was withdrawn because of a wartime paper shortage. It surfaced some twenty years later and was included in an anthology of stories that had appeared in that magazine, The Unknown Five. It was also included in the 1972 collection The Early Asimov.

The story concerns Graham Dorn, a successful mystery writer, who finds to his dismay that his most famous literary creation, a suave detective named Reginald de Meister, has become real. He usurps Dorn's life and even attempts to steal his fiancee. When De Meister's literary lady friend, the flashing-eyed svelte Sancha Rodriquez, also appears and accuses him of two-timing her, De Meister disappears. Graham's life becomes his own again.


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