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AuthorSTREAM (stylised as authorSTREAM) Is a web-based[1] PowerPoint presentation sharing platform from authorGEN Technologies, a company based in Raleigh, North Carolina (NC), USA, with a development arm in Chandigarh, India.

After creating a multimedia presentation in Microsoft's presentation program PowerPoint, users can upload presentations to authorSTREAM, which get converted to Flash format. A Presentation uploaded to authorSTREAM shows up on a unique URL and is available in a Flash player. Users can get unique code of the Flash presentation to embed in blogs and websites. Every presentation also provides users the option to share the presentation through e-mail.[2]

authorSTREAM also allows its users to share their presentations on Apple iPod or iPhone or on equivalent devices, and to upload it on YouTube.[3][4]

Services and features[edit]

authorSTREAM supports sounds, gif animations, and narrations within a PowerPoint presentation. Flash, as a Web browser plug-in, is a prerequisite for accessing presentations from authorSTREAM.

Presentations can also be uploaded to authorSTREAM from authorPOINT Lite,[5] a free desktop application, which can import PowerPoint presentations. Users have the option to upload presentations as "public" or "private". If a presentation is private, then only registered users invited by the author to view the presentation can access it.

authorSTREAM also offers a free add-in "ribbon" for PowerPoint called authorSTREAM Desktop,[6] which can search videos from YouTube and insert them in slides while an author is creating a presentation. This PowerPoint add-in can also search for images using Microsoft's search engine, Bing and insert them in slides. The add-in ribbon works on an Internet connection but there is no need to use an external Internet browser. After creating a presentation, users can also upload it to authorSTREAM right from within this add-in.

The website interface on authorSTREAM provides multiple features, browsing and search options. There are also a number of RSS feed options including customized rss feeds for users.


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