Autistic Society of Trinidad and Tobago

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The Autistic Society of Trinidad and Tobago is a non-governmental organization for families of autistic people in Trinidad and Tobago. It was founded in May 1990 by a few families as a support group. The president is Teresina Sieunarine, a former school teacher, who together with a few families started the group.


General meetings are usually held every 4th Saturday of the month. Special events include Christmas Party, Family Days, autism awareness programmes, Sports and Fun Day and parent training workshops.

Board members[edit]

An election of board/executive members is held once a year. Current board members are:

  1. Teresina Sieunarine - President
  2. Gina Mohammed - Vice President
  3. Halena Sammy-Kong Ting -Secretary

They are all volunteers

Annual membership fee is minimum 20 TTD.

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