Auto-da-Fé (short story)

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Author Roger Zelazny
Language English
Genre(s) Science fiction
Published in Dangerous Visions
Publication type anthology
Publication date December 1967

"Auto-da-Fé" is a short story by Roger Zelazny from Harlan Ellison's science fiction anthology Dangerous Visions. The plot concerns a bullfight where the bull has been replaced by a car-fight, and the bullfighter by "mechadors" who combats a robotized Chevrolet or Pontiac.[1] It has been reprinted at least 40 times, in at least 4 languages.

The title is a play on words involving the phrases auto-da-fé and automobile.


  1. ^ Theodore Krulik Roger Zelazny 1986 p.28 "This short piece is an initial experiment in the examination of the robot mind that is connected, on the one hand, to other stories about cars, such as "Devil Car" (1965) and "Auto-Da-Fe" (1967),"

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