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AutoDiana Unicar (1975)

AutoDiana was a Greek truck manufacturer based in Thessaloniki, in operation between 1975 and 1984. Its main product was the 'Unicar' model (not to be confused with a Spanish bodybuilder with the same name), a rather heavy-looking 4x4 multi-purpose truck. This robust vehicle had a payload of 1500 kg and used Mercedes-Benz Diesel engine and Dodge axles. Its fate, along with similar Greek multi-purpose trucks like the Petropoulos Unitrak, the Agricola, the Motoemil Autofarma, the Balkania Autotractor, the Namco Agricar and others, was sealed when a change of Greek law in 1984 modified tax treatment for such 'farm' vehicles. Production was terminated the same year ending a "career" of decent sales among customers in the Greek countryside.


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