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AutoQ3D Community
Developer(s)AutoQ3D Team
Stable release
1.40 / October 16, 2010; 10 years ago (2010-10-16)
Written inC++
Operating systemCross-platform
Type3D computer graphics
Licensenew: Proprietary
old: GPL

AutoQ3D Community is a cross-platform CAD software, suited for 3D modeling and texturing. The main objective of this software development is to take away the hassle and complexity for sketching and drawing in 3D. AutoQ3D Community is not a professional CAD program and it is targeted at beginners who want to make rapid 3D designs. It offers plenty of features but is relatively simple to learn and use.

AutoQ3D Community is written in C++ using the Qt application framework and supports the OpenGL API.

Software Features[edit]

  • Command line support
  • Color and Texture (Multiple materials for any model, Materials can be solid colors or image-map textures, Simple texture coordinate editing, Texture UV)
  • Extras. (Predefined views options, UNDO command).
  • Graphics Tools ( UCS icon, Flip Triangles, Zoom, Pan, Circle, Polygon, Move, Rotate, Scale, Line, Move, Stretch, Mirror, Snap To Objects, Revolve, Array)
  • Multiple Image File Formats Support
  • Rendering (Normal Shading, Wireframe, Shade Hide Lines Option)
  • Supported 3D File Formats. (Import .DXF File Format 2004, 2000, R14. Export .DXF File Format (DXF 2000). Import .MD2 Frames File Format (Quake File Format).

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