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Autocrat coffee syrup
Autocrat coffee syrup being used to prepare coffee milk

Autocrat, LLC is a company based in Lincoln, Rhode Island, United States that manufactures and markets coffee and tea extracts.[1] The company's coffee syrups are often utilized to make coffee milk, which was made the official drink of Rhode Island in 1993. Autocrat Syrup is ubiquitous with coffee milk brand.[2]


Autocrat, LLC was established in the 1890s under the name Brownell & Field Coffee Company, and began manufacturing coffee syrup in the 1930s.[2][3][4] In 1991, Autocrat acquired Eclipse, a coffee syrup manufacturer, after which it became the sole manufacturer of coffee syrup in the United States.[4]


The company name is synonymous with its brand of coffee syrup.[2][5] After the acquisition of Eclipse in 1991, Autocrat continued to manufacture coffee syrup under the Eclipse brand name, and also manufactures a brand named Coffee Time Syrup.

Autocrat has worked in unison with Narragansett Beer company to produce beer brewed with coffee syrup.[6][7] In December 2013, the Narragansett Beer company marketed a limited edition stout brewed with Autocrat Coffee syrup.[6]

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