Autodesk Toxik

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Autodesk Toxik
Developer(s) Autodesk Media and Entertainment
Initial release 2007
Stable release
2012 (included with Autodesk Maya)
Operating system Linux and Microsoft Windows [1]
License Proprietary

Autodesk Toxik is an interactive node based, film compositing solution developed by Autodesk Media and Entertainment, a subsidiary of Autodesk, Inc. [2]


Autodesk Toxic is a film compositing software first released in 2007.[1]


Autodesk Toxik includes several features such as collaboration-based workflows, dynamic page zooming (that allows faster processing when working with larger video formats), a paint module, a motion path animation, and a "Master Keyer" module. Toxik is based on modules: small extensions that allow Toxik to be adaptive. All modules were installed in Toxik 2008 by default because the module selection system in Toxik 2007 was inefficient.[1][3][4]

Current Status[edit]

Toxik was integrated in Autodesk Maya in 2010 under the name Composite. It is now free but discontinued.[5]


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