Autoline Detroit

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Autoline Detroit
Genre Automotive
Starring John McElroy
Country of origin  United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 12 (ongoing)
Running time 22 minutes
Original network Detroit Public Television, Speed Channel (-2008)
Original release 1997 – Present
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Autoline Detroit is a weekly television show about automobile industry.

Extra contents that did not fit into the television broadcast are also found in the shows web site.

Autoline in LA[edit]

It is a special series produced by Blue Sky Productions Inc. where John McElroy explores the automobile industry in Los Angeles. The series covers shows 1218-1228. The end of this series also ended Autoline Detroit's broadcast on SPEED.

Autoline on Autoblog with John McElroy[edit]

John McElroy also posted articles in Autoblog under the Autoline name.

Autoline After Hours[edit]

McElroy currently hosts a weekly live online and uncensored forum every Thursday night with Gary Vasilash, and various guest commentators.

RoundAbout Show[edit]

The RoundAbout Show was a weekly podcast affiliated with Autoline Detroit. It was hosted and recorded in the Livonia, Michigan studio. This podcast used to put a quirky twist on all automotive news and features unique segments such as the "Blind Spot story of the week" and "RoundAbout Rearview."
The last episode (number 145, title "This Was RoundAbout") aired October 9th, 2012.


OpenLine is a monthly call-in show hosted by Michelle Naranjo and Chelsea Sexton who lead discussions about current automotive news.

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