Automated Imaging Association

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Automated Imaging Association
Industry Machine Vision
Founded 1984
Headquarters Ann Arbor, USA
Key people
Rusty Ponce de Leon, Chairman[1]
Michael Cyros, member of the board and past Chairman[2]

Automated Imaging Association (AIA) is the world's largest machine vision trade group. AIA has more than 330 members from 32 countries, including system integrators, camera, lighting and other vision components manufacturers, vision software providers, OEMs and distributors. The association's headquarters is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.[3]


The Camera Link and GigE vision communication protocols are maintained and administered by the Automated Imaging Association.

The AIA seeks to control dissemination of the standards under its care. Neither the Camera Link nor the GigE Vision standard is available for public download, and neither may be freely copied.

Notable members[edit]

BAE Systems, Texas Instruments, National Semiconductor and Sony are among the multi-billion dollar member companies in the AIA. Cognex Corporation and National Instruments are also two big names in the machine vision industry that are members of the AIA. In 2010, 51% of the members are from North America, 30% are from Europe, 15% are from Eastern Asia, less than 1% are from South America, 2% are from Western Asia, less than 1% are from Southern Asia, 1% are from Southeastern Asia and less than 1% of the members are from Australia. Surprisingly in this U.S. based association there is also some member company from Iran, named Kasra Hooshmand Engineering Co., P.J.S. (KDI) and Asian Bina Machine Co and novinilya company.


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