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API 2098 console (32in x 16bus x 24mon) with 550A and 550 EQ at RCA Studio B. THis console has since been moved to Columbia Studio A.
48ch Legacy Plus all discrete audio console with Flying Faders
at Supernatural Sound Recording Studio
[500 series rack system] 500-6B Lunchbox
  • 512C Mic / Line Pre (×2)
  • 550B 4 Band EQ (×2)
  • 525    Compressor (×2)

Automated Processes Inc. (or API) are manufacturers of high-end recording studio equipment including stand-alone preamplifier designs, equalization units and mixing consoles. They are perhaps most noted for their modular approach to equipment manufacture with their trademark lunchbox design which allows preamplifier, compressor and equalizer modules to be added to a recording studio design as budget allows. These modules include the 512c preamp, the 525 compressor, the 527 compressor, the 550a and 550b semi-parametric equalizers, and the 560 graphic equalizer.

Company history[edit]

The company was founded in 1968 by Saul Walker and Lou Lindauer,[1] in 1969 were producing new modular designs. By 1974, API consoles and modules had achieved considerable popularity in professional recording studios.[2]

In 1978, Datatronix licensed the rights to API from the owners. Founder Saul Walker, and most of the original engineers including Sid Zimet, Michael tapes, and Paul Galburt, who had designed the API 554 sweep and the 954 automated equalizers, went to work for Sound Workshop.[3]

In 1985, the assets of API were purchased by Paul Wolff, who owned the company until 1999.

In 1988, ATI was founded to manufacture live sound reinforcement products.

In 1999 the assets of the company were purchased by ATI (Audio Toys, Inc.), manufacturer of live sound products including the Paragon live mixing console. ATI re-energized the API brand by improving quality control, manufacturing and availability of the product line, and re-established API as one of the leading analog pro audio manufacturers in the US. New product introductions, the Vision surround capable studio console and the re-engineering of the 1604 small frame console into the 1608 brought the API sound to a new generation of musicians and engineers.

In 2006 API initiated the VPR Alliance,[4] which allows other companies to develop compatible modules for their 500 series rack system.[5]


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