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Automated restaurant or robotic restaurant is a restaurant that uses robots to do tasks such as delivering food and drinks to the tables and/or to cook the food.


Restaurant automation means the use of restaurant management system to automate the major operations of a restaurant establishment. Even in the early 1970s, a number of restaurants served foods solely through vending machines. Called automats, or in Japan shokkenki, customers ordered their foods directly through the machines. Across Europe, McDonald's has already begun implementing 7,000 touch screen kiosks that will handle cashiering duties.[1]

More recently, restaurants are opening that have completely or partially automated their services. These may include taking of orders, preparing of food, serving and billing. A few fully automated restaurants operate without any human intervention whatsoever. Robots are designed to help and sometimes replace human labour (such as waiters and chefs). Automation of restaurants also allows the option for greater customization of an order.[2]


Automated restaurants have been opening in many countries. Examples include Fritz's Railroad Restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri, United States, [3] Výtopna (Railway Restaurant), a franchise of various restaurants and coffeehouses in Czech Republic,[4] Bagger's Restaurant in Nuremberg, Germany,[5] FuA-Men Restaurant, a ramen restaurant located in Nagoya, Japan,[6] Hajime Robot Restaurant, a Japanese restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand,[7] Fōster Nutrition, in Buenos Aires, Argentina,[8] the Dalu Robot Restaurant in Jinan, China[9] Haohai Robot Restaurant in Harbin, China[10] and Robot Kitchen Restaurant in Hong Kong.[11][12] Robot Chacha, the first robot restaurant of India is due to open in capital city, New Delhi. MIT graduates opened Spyce Kitchens in downtown Boston, Massachusetts, United States in 2018. Started in 2017, RoboChef restaurant in Tehran, Iran is the first robotic and ‘waiterless’ restaurant of the Middle East.[13]

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