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Automatik Text Reader
Automatik Text Reader icon.png
Automatik Text Reader on Firefox
Automatik Text Reader on Firefox
Developer(s)Davide Baldini
Initial release20 October 2014; 4 years ago (2014-10-20)
Stable release
2.3 / 14 March 2015; 4 years ago (2015-03-14)
Written inJavaScript
Operating systemWindows, Linux, macOS
Available in6 languages
List of languages
de en es fr it ru
TypeText To Speech

Automatik Text Reader is a free and open source plug-in for Firefox providing text-to-speech functions available from the Mozilla Add-ons collection. It supports multiple languages and accents and is capable of autonomously recognizing the language of written text and activating the respective speech synthesis engine.[1] Amongst the peculiar features, the voice speed is adjustable and the text selection is automatic.[2][3] In addition to the unique features users will find that the interface is very simple to use; having only 4 buttons to operate it.[4]

Supported languages[edit]

Automatik Text Reader has support for English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Russian. The quality of the synthesis varies significantly between the languages, with English being the smoothest, most natural-sounding voice.[5]


Being a Firefox plug-in, Automatik Text Reader requires Firefox to run and cannot be installed standalone. Also, for very short texts composed of three words or less, the language detector may fail to recognize the correct language.[6]


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