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Automedon was an ancient Greek poet known from his poems in the Greek Anthology. Twelve epigrams of his are still extant and he is mentioned by Philippus of Thessalonica in the proem of his anthology Garland of Philippus. He is placed from the 1st century B.C to the 1st century A.D.

The epigrams entitled "ΑΥΤΟΜΕΔΟΝΤΟΣ" ("of Automedon") are:

  • in Book 5: 5.129
  • in Book 10: 10.23
  • in Book 11: 11.29, 11.46, 11.50, 11.319, 11.324, 11.325, 11.326, 11.346, 11.361 and
  • in Book 12: 12.34

Yesterday I ate tough mutton
and a cabbage ten days old;
I won't say where I went to dinner,
for my host is of a cold
revengeful temper, and he might
invite me back another night.

(Translated by Robin Skelton)

The poems attributed to Automedon may be by different poets. Those in the Anthology appear to be from the period of Nerva or Trajan; Philip's Garland, which mentions Automedon, is probably not later than the reign of Nero. One poem in the Anthology, attributed to Automedon, is ascribed in the Palatine anthology to Theocritus and may be from that period.


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