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This article is about an Israeli automaker. For the trade publication, see Automotive Industries (magazine).
Automotive Industries, Ltd.
Industry Automotive
Founded 1966; 50 years ago (1966)
Headquarters Nazareth, Israel
Products Tactical vehicles, Armored vehicles

Automotive Industries, Ltd. (Hebrew: תעשיות רכב נצרת עלית, תע"ר‎‎ Ta'asiot Rekhev Natzeret Ilit, ), better known as AIL, is an Israeli automaker and major supplier of the Israeli Security Forces.

Located in Nazareth Illit, the company was originally founded in 1966 by Automotive Equipment Group as a plant for the assembly of cars and trucks. AIL has since gone on to increase its role in the vehicle's manufacture, doing much of the work on several early Willys MB-derivatives, as well as the more recent M462 trucks and AIL Storm (Sufa) series of Jeep Wrangler-derivatives, and the AIL Desert Raider.

AIL was also an assembly-point for IDF-bound Humvees, but US foreign aid guarantees caused contracts to be moved to plants in the United States.

AIL is currently developing the Storm III which began production in August 2008.


Tactical vehicles[edit]

AIL M325 and M462 ABIR
Storm III

Current production[edit]

Former production[edit]

Armored vehicles[edit]

  • Antelope - light multipurpose armored vehicle mounted on a RAM 550 truck chassis[4]
  • Avner - an armored AIL built body mounted on a RAM 550 truck chassis.[5]


  • AMSTAF - developed in conjunction with Automotive Robotic Industry Ltd. (ARI). The AMSTAF is an ARGO 6X6 based remote controlled light armored vehicle[6][7]


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