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AND Automotive Navigation Data
Traded as EuronextAND
Industry Geographic information system, GPS, Navigation
Founded Netherlands (1984)
Founder Hans Abbink and Eiko Dekkers
Headquarters Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Pune (India), Rotterdam, Netherlands
Area served
Europe, USA
Key people
Hugo van der Linde (CEO), Rob Westerhof (Chairman Supervisory Board)
Products Digital Maps
Revenue € 6 million (2015)
€ 3.2 million (2015)
Number of employees

AND Automotive Navigation Data (AND) is one of the few companies in the world supplying digital map data for GPS-based applications. After the take over of Navteq by Nokia and Tele Atlas by TomTom, AND is the last independent supplier of digital maps. The company originally focused on regions that Navteq and Tele Atlas did not cover, however it now covers Western European countries such as Germany and the Netherlands. Next to street level maps of Western Europe AND also offers a routable world base map and a geocoder map for the USA. Besides maps for GPS-based applications the company offers maps for Geographic information system, Internet mapping, route planning, time-distance calculations and optimization studies.

AND Automotive Navigation Data wants to become the mapping alternative in the market in the [PND] (Personal Navigation Device), smart phone and online markets. The company is listed on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam.


AND was founded in 1984 by Hans Abbink and Eiko Dekkers. The chamber of commerce advised to use the 'n' to connect the first letter of the surnames of the founders to create the company name: AND. The A, Hans Abbink, stepped down as member of the board of directors of AND in September 2000. Throughout the years the company had many subsidiary names such as AND International Publishers NV, AND Data Solutions, AND Publishes, etc. The current trade name is AND Automotive Navigation Data and the company is listed using the name AND International Publishers.

AND International Publishers plc - an international electronic publishing group with registered office in Oxford, United Kingdom and headquarters in Rotterdam, the Netherlands- obtained an AIM listing on 30 July 1996, and an Amsterdam Exchanges listing on 12 December 1996. On 10 November 1997 the companies announced its intention to become a Dutch Public company. The listing on AIM was terminated in 1998 to be listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange. AND International Publishers N.V. shares started trading on 15 May 1998.

The end of the nineties AND International Publishers aimed to establish itself firmly at the forefront in providing content as well as skills for electronic publishing and advanced technology. AND concentrated its activities in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany and the United States of America. AND production facilities were located in Ireland and India. The company specialized in four key areas:

  1. development and maintenance of databases that model aspects of the world
  2. development of its industry-leading compression and indexing technology to utilize these data models
  3. electronic publications based on these data sets and technology
  4. identification and classification

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