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Autonomous Action (Avtonomnoe Deystvie, AD) is a revolutionary anarchist federation in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine that was founded in January 2002.

AD is composed of anarcho-communists, syndicalists, autonomist-marxists, and radical ecologists. Autonomous Action also had members in Armenia — "Proryv", the group been terminated in the end of 2005.

Autonomous Action utilizes direct action "to create a tradition and basis for a new humanist culture, social self-organisation and radical resistance against militarism, capitalism, sexism and fascism".

Autonomous Action publishes a zine called Autonom and a newspaper titled Situation.

Summary of politics[edit]

On the official website of the organization reported that "independent action" was established in January 2002 as well. 25–27 January 2002 in Nizhny Novgorod was the 1 st Founding Congress of the movement.

Activists of the "Autonomous Action" call themselves the autonomy, and their struggle for an autonomous because the act itself, regardless of the bureaucratic system.

Participants seek to create a system of national government - the federation of free individuals, groups, communities, regions and countries. According to "Autonomous Action", the bodies of coordination between these groups may be independent councils or other institutions of public government, formed by general meetings based on the principles of delegating the right of immediate withdrawal of the delegates.

The ideology of "autonomous action" based on the world revolutionary libertarian communist ideas. Ideas and social theory, taken into service, are not confined only within the framework of anarchism. According to supporters of AD, at present, in the context of the current situation in the country and the world, the need for a qualitatively new strategy that meets today's current living conditions. Among the members of the association may be platformists, syndicalists libertarian Marxist, radical environmentalists, communitarians, "New Left" and so on.

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