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The Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh, also known as ACE, is a social centre in Edinburgh, Scotland, and founded in 1997.[1][2] From 1997 to 2004, ACE was the Edinburgh base for the collective producing the news sheet Counter information.

ACE formed out of the Edinburgh Unemployed Workers Centre of the 1980s, which was originally a non-partisan council office, which later split from the council when it became increasingly politicised due the struggles of the period such as resistance to the poll tax.[3][4] Glaswegian writer James Kelman gave a speech at the opening of the Edinburgh Unemployed Workers Centre[5] which is featured in Kelman's book And the Judges said and he has publicly expressed support for ACE [5]

In 2014 those involved with the ACE collective produced the statement "From Yes to Action", an attempt to understand the political context after the failed Scottish independence referendum.[6]

In 2016 ACE supported University of Edinburgh students who occupied Charles Stewart House demanding divestment.[7]

ACE is a founding member of Action Against Austerity.[8]


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