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Autonomous School Zurich
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Autonomous School Zurich (ASZ, Autonome Schule Zürich in German) is an grassroot project in Switzerland. This school is run by immigrants as well as Swiss locals.[1] Since 2009 the association provides education for all under the shelter of the Autonomous School Zurich. On offer are diverse educational and cultural activities for everyone both for undocumented refugees, the socially excluded and all other interested people. At the moment (ASZ) Autonomous School Zurich is located at Bachmattstrasse 59.
ASZ moved at least 11 times in Canton Zurich

  1. Manessestrasse
  2. Infoladen/Kasama
  3. Kalki
  4. GZ Wollishofen
  5. Bad Allenmoos
  6. Gessenerallee/Stall6
  7. Badenerstrasse
  8. Huberta
  9. Rote Fabrik
  10. PANAMA
  11. Badenerstrasse
  12. Bachmattstrasse

Autonomous school as educational and cultural hotspot[edit]

Autonomous School is a unique meeting point for all. People from all over the world play an active role in this school. Among the courses on offer are German, Spanish, Arabic, Mathematics, English and various Computing courses like Java programming and Gimp. The school also organizes Dances like Capoeira which is partly martial arts dance from Spanish colonies. There is a wide range of cultural activities (concerts, bar, cinema, etc.) and the weekly lunch to make the school also became a popular meeting place where experiences are shared and ideas can be developed. It's also an escape from everyday isolation that has been imposed on rejected asylum seekers. The Association of Education for All occupied a church in December 2008 to push home the need for German courses for the sans-papiers. The project is supposed to help the emancipation process of the Sans-Papier groups and demanding their rights. The autonomous school is dependent on donations from well wishers. There are also theater and drama being performed by members of the school in conjunction with other actors from different institutions.

Education for All[edit]

This slogans used by Bleiberecht[2] Group which are the part of Autonomous School Zurich. This collective group working with ASZ with fundraising idea. Bildung fuer Alle or (English Education for All) working in Basel, Bern etc.

Other autonomous school projects run in Biel/Bienne, Basel, Bern,[3] St. Gallen (all Switzerland) and Butare (Rwanda).


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