Autonomous oblasts of the Soviet Union

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Autonomous oblasts of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics were administrative units created for a number of smaller nations, which were given autonomy within the fifteen republics of the USSR.

Azerbaijan SSR[edit]

Georgian SSR[edit]

Russian SFSR[edit]

While the 1978 Constitution of the RSFSR specified that the autonomous oblasts are subordinated to the krais, this clause was removed in the December 15, 1990 revision, when it was specified that the autonomous oblasts were to be directly subordinated to the Russian SFSR. In June 1991, five autonomous oblasts existed within the RSFSR, four of which were elevated to the status of the republic on July 3, 1991:

Other autonomous oblasts also existed at earlier points of the Soviet history:

Tajik SSR[edit]

Ukrainian SSR[edit]

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