Autostrada A24 (Italy)

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A24 Motorway shield}}

A24 Motorway
Autostrada A24
Autostrada dei Parchi
Route information
Length 166 km (103 mi)
Major junctions
West end Rome
East end Teramo
Regions: Lazio, Abruzzo
Highway system
Autostrade of Italy

The Autostrada A24 or Parks Motorway”, is a highway connecting Rome to the Adriatic Sea. Starting from GRA and ending to Teramo, the A24 create a new historical linkage between Rome and the hardly trespassable apennine mountains, alongside long-time roads Salaria, Flaminia and Tiburtina Valeria.

Below Gran Sasso the highway tunnels reach underground particle physics laboratories, the largest in the world.

First planned in 1973 to connect Tyrrhenian to Adriatic highways, the route currently ends on Teramo and continue by dual-carriageway up to A14 "Teramo-Giulianova" toll road, with the remainder of the distance to Giulianova, on the Adriatic Sea, actually under construction. The highway includes two long tunnels under Gran Sasso massif, running West to East and vice versa, with each tunnel just over 6.3 miles in length.

The route is currently managed by Strada dei Parchi S.p.A..

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Autostrada dei Parchi
Exit ↓km↓ ↑km↑ Province European Road
Italian traffic signs - strada extraurbana principale.svg Tangenziale Est Roma - - RM
AB-AS-grün.svg Via di Portonaccio - Casalbertone - - RM
AB-AS-grün.svg Via F. Fiorentini - Via Prenestina - - RM
AB-AS-grün.svg Viale Palmiro Togliatti - - RM
AB-AS-grün.svg Via di Tor Cervara - - RM
AB-Kreuz-grün.svg Tabliczka E80.svg Grande Raccordo Anulare 0 166 RM
AB-AS-grün.svg Settecamini 7 159 RM Tabliczka E80.svg
AB-AS-grün.svg Lunghezza 15 151 RM Tabliczka E80.svg
BAB-Grenze.svg Toll Gate Roma Est 15 151 RM Tabliczka E80.svg
AB-Tank.svg Rest Area "Colle del Tasso" 17 149 RM Tabliczka E80.svg
AB-Kreuz-grün.svg Tabliczka E45.svg Autostrada A1 Italia.svg Milano - Napoli 18 148 RM Tabliczka E80.svg
AB-AS-grün.svg Tivoli 20 146 RM Tabliczka E80.svg
AB-AS-grün.svg Castel Madama 31 135 RM Tabliczka E80.svg
AB-AS-grün.svg Vicovaro - Mandela 40 126 RM Tabliczka E80.svg
AB-Tank.svg Rest Area "Civita" 54 112 AQ Tabliczka E80.svg
AB-AS-grün.svg Carsoli - Oricola 57 109 AQ Tabliczka E80.svg
AB-AS-grün.svg Tagliacozzo 68 x AQ Tabliczka E80.svg
AB-Kreuz-grün.svg Tabliczka E80.svg Autostrada A25 Italia.svg Pescara - Chieti 72 94 AQ
AB-AS-grün.svg Valle del Salto
Italian traffic signs - strada extraurbana principale.svg Rieti
75 91 AQ
AB-AS-grün.svg Tornimparte
Campo Felice
92 74 AQ
AB-Tank.svg Rest Area "Valle Aterno" 106 60 AQ
AB-AS-grün.svg L'Aquila Ovest 108 58 AQ
AB-AS-grün.svg L'Aquila Est 114 52 AQ
AB-AS-grün.svg Assergi 124 42 AQ
AB-AS-grün.svg Colledara - San Gabriele 143 23 TE
BAB-Grenze.svg Toll Gate Teramo TE
AB-AS-grün.svg Basciano - Villa Vomano 156 10 TE
AB-AS-grün.svg Val Vomano 159 7 TE
AB-AS-grün.svg Teramo
Tabliczka E55.svg Autostrada A14 Italia.svg Bologna - Taranto
166 0 TE

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