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A26 Motorway
Autostrada A26
Autostrada dei Trafori
Route information
Length197 km (122 mi)
Major junctions
South endGenoa
North endGravellona Toce
Regions:Liguria, Piedmont
Highway system
Autostrade of Italy

The Autostrada A26 is a motorway in the northwestern Italian regions of Liguria and Piedmont. It is named the Autostrada dei Trafori (the Autostrada of the Tunnels) after the numerous tunnels through which it passes, both Apennine and Subalpine. It runs northwards from Genoa on the Ligurian coast, over the Apennines, and across the wide plain of the Po valley to the environs of Lake Maggiore and the mouth of the Val d’Ossola. In addition to this ‘main trunk’ of the road, there are three side branches, also of motorway class which function as link roads between the A26 and the A7, the A4 and the A8. The A26, together with these link road, is managed by Autostrade per l'Italia S.p.A.


A26 Genova – Gravellona Toce[edit]

A raised section of the motorway in the Province of Genoa.
The A26 near Alessandria, heading south towards the Apennines.

The A26 begins from the Genoese town of Pra', which lies on the coast to the west of the city centre. (Note that the gate of Pra' is still wrongly named "Voltri", nevertheless Voltri has anything to do with the motorway gate and that the City of Genova has formally asked for the change of its name in "Gate of Pra' "). It crosses the Apennines at the Passo del Turchino (532m) and passes through Ovada. Near Castelferro (frazione of Predosa) an eastern branch, the Autostrada A26/A7, provides links to Novi Ligure and to the Autostrada A7 (Genoa – Milan) which it joins near Spineto Scrivia, to the south of Tortona.

The A26 continues northwards until near Alessandria there is an interchange with the Autostrada A21 (TurinBrescia). The road crosses the Po River just east of Casale Monferrato. South of Vercelli a western branch, the Autostrada A4/26, provides a connection to the Autostrada A4 (Turin – Trieste) near Santhià, and continues as the Autostrada A4/A5 to the Autostrada A5 (Turin – Aosta – Monte Bianco) which it joins at Pavone Canavese, just south of Ivrea.

Further north, between Greggio and Biandrate Vicolungo to the west of Novara, the A26 intersects with the Autostrada A4 (Turin – Trieste), and at Sesto Calende with the Autostrada A8. The road passes close to Romagnano Sesia and Ghemme where there is an exit for the Valsesia. It proceeds north-east and follows the shore of Lago Maggiore with exits for Arona, Brovello-Carpugnino, Baveno - Stresa, Verbania and Gravellona Toce. From here the Strada Statale SS 33 del Sempione continues the route northwards, initially as a superstrada (a form of expressway), to Domodossola and then via the Val Divedro to the Swiss border, affording access to the Simplon Pass.

Autostrada dei Trafori
Feature ↓km↓ ↑km↑ Province European
Interchange 0 197 GE
Fuel Food
"Turchino" services
7 190 GE
Exit 14 183 GE
Fuel Food
"Stura" services
26 171 AL
Exit 30 167 AL
Autostrada A7-A26 Italia.svg Diramazione Predosa - Novi Ligure
45 152 AL
Fuel Food
"Bormida" services
53 144 AL
Exit 62 139 AL
Interchange 69 128 AL
Fuel Food
"Monferrato Est" services
84 113 AL E25
Exit 90 107 AL E25
Exit 94 103 AL E25
Interchange 107 90 VC
Fuel Food
"Sesia" services
108 89 VC
Exit 117 80 VC
Interchange 128 68 NO
Exit 145 52 NO
Exit 153 44 NO
Fuel Food
"Agogna" services
155 42 NO
Interchange 159 38 NO
Exit 166 31 NO E62
Toll station
Lago Maggiore Toll barrier
167 30 NO E62
Exit 171 26 NO E62
Exit 181 16 VB E62
Exit 190 7 VB E62
Exit 194 3 VB E62
Interchange 197 0 VB E62

A7/A26 Bettole – Predosa Link[edit]

A7-A26 Motorway
LocationBettole – Predosa Link
Length17 km (11 mi)

The Autostrada A7/A26 Diramazione Bettole-Predosa (A7/A26) is a 17 km motorway which links the A26 near Predosa with the Autostrada A7 near Bettole (a frazione of Pozzolo Formigaro). The entire autostrada is within the Province of Alessandria. Its sole exit is for Novi Ligure and it provides a convenient means of access to both the A7 and the A26 from that town.[1]

Feature ↓km↓ ↑km↑ Province European
Interchange 0 17 AL
Exit 7 10 AL
Fuel Food
Marengo services
10 7 AL
Interchange 17 0 AL

A4/A26 Stroppiana – Santhià Link[edit]

A4-A26 Motorway
LocationStroppiana-Santhià Link
Length32 km (20 mi)

The Autostrada A4/A26 Diramazione Stroppiana-Santhià (A4/A26) is a 32 km motorway which links the A26 near Stroppiana with the Autostrada A4 near Santhià. It forms part of the 1,547 km European route E25 which connects Hoek van Holland in the Netherlands to Palermo in Sicily. The layout of the road is level with two lanes in each direction.

Feature ↓km↓ ↑km↑ Province European
Interchange 0 32 VC E25
Vercelli Ovest Exit
8 24 VC E25
Interchange 32 0 VC E25

A8/A26 Gallarate – Gattico Link[edit]

A8-A26 Motorway
LocationGallarate-Gattico Link
Length24 km (15 mi)

The Autostrada A8/A26 Diramazione Gallarate-Gattico (A8/A26) is a motorway which connects the A26 near Gattico with the Autostrada A8 near Gallarate. It forms part of the 1,290 km European route E62 which connects Nantes in western France to Genova. The road was built to provide a route for traffic from Domodossola and the Simplon Pass to Milan and thence to the parts of the peninsula to the east of the Apennines. It has two lanes in each direction from Gallarate to Sesto Calende and three from Sesto Calende to Gattico.

Feature ↓km↓ ↑km↑ Province European
Interchange 0 24 VA E62
Toll station
Gallarate Ovest Toll Station
3 21 VA E62
Besnate Exit
4 20 VA E62
Fuel Food
Verbano services
6 18 VA E62
Exit 12 12 VA E62
Exit 18 6 NO E62
Interchange 24 0 NO E62



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