Autovía A-21

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Autovía A-21
Autovía del Pirineo
Route information
Length110 km (70 mi)
Major junctions
Highway system

The Spanish Autovía A-21 is a highway between Jaca, in Aragon, and Pamplona, in Navarre which is partially open and partially under construction.

It follows or is an upgrade of the N-240 and will link the Autovía A-15 east of Pamplona with the Autovía A-23 at Jaca providing a link through the southern Pyrenees and connections to France, Huesca and Zaragoza.


Construction began at the Pamplona end of the route, so while the sections in Navarre were completed by 2012, only five out of the eight sections in Aragon (totalling about 24 km) are open. Two more sections (14 km) are under construction in Aragon but work has not yet started on one further section (11.6 km).

Road Number Description Status (2019) Kilometres
A-21 Noáin -Monreal Open (2006) 12
A-21 Monreal - Izco Open (2009) 8.6
A-21 Izco - Venta de Judas Open (2010) 7.2
A-21 Venta de Judas - Yesa Open (2012) 10
A-21 Yesa- Border of Navarra/Aragón Open (2012) 6.5
A-21 Border of Navarra/Aragón - Tiermas Open (2013) 4.4
Tiermas - Sigüés Under construction opening 2021 6.57
Sigüés - A-1601 Open (2015) 2.5
A-21 A-1601 - Barranco de Colladas Open (2011) 2.9
A-21 Barranco de Colladas - Fago (Border of Zaragoza/Huesca) Open (2011) 5.4
Fago (Border of Zaragoza/Huesca) - Puente la Reina de Jaca Project halted 11.63
Puente la Reina de Jaca - Santa Cilia Under construction opening end 2019 7.2
A-21 Santa Cilia - Jaca (A-23) Open (2019) 9.0