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Autovía A-4
Autovía del Sur
Route information
Length660 km (410 mi)
Major junctions
Highway system
The route of A-4 Highway.

The Autovía A-4 or Autopista AP-4 (also called Autovía del Sur that means Southern Autovía) is a Spanish autovía and autopista route which starts in Madrid and ends in Cádiz.

The Autopista AP-4; with toll, (from Seville to Cádiz) has a total length of 123.80 km.


Autovía A-4 through Valdemoro
# From To Length Signal
1 Madrid Aranjuez 52.72 km A-4
2 Aranjuez Ocaña 14.87 km A-4
3 Ocaña Madridejos 56.95 km A-4
4 Madridejos Manzanares 57.35 km A-4
5 Manzanares Valdepeñas 27.86 km A-4
6 Valdepeñas La Carolina 68.20 km A-4
7 La Carolina Baylen 26.36 km A-4
8 Baylen Andújar 29.64 km A-4
9 Andújar Córdoba 77.31 km A-4
10 Córdoba Écija 54.13 km A-4
11 Écija Carmona 53.88 km A-4
12 Carmona Seville 35.18 km A-4
13 Seville Cádiz 123.80 km AP-4
Autovía A-4

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