Autovía A-63

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Autovía A-63
Autovía Oviedo-La Espina
Route information
Length 71 km (44 mi)
Major junctions
From Oviedo
To La Espina
Highway system
Autopistas and autovías in Spain
Construction of the viaduct over Narcea river.

The Autovía A-63 is a highway in Asturias, Spain. Once completed, it will connect the provincial capital, Oviedo, with La Espina; currently it only connects Oviedo and Cornellana, with half of the carriageway built from Salas to La Espina. It follows the N-634. The possibility of adding a section to Canero, which would connect the road to the A-8, is currently being studied.


Name Section Status (2018) Length (km)
A-63 A-66 – Latores In service 4.1
A-63 Latores – Trubia In service 5.7
A-63 Trubia – La Llera In service 4.3
A-63 La LleraGrado In service 8.7
A-63 Ring road of Grado In service 2.0
A-63 GradoDóriga In service 4.0
A-63 DórigaCornellana In service 2.4
N-634 CornellanaSalas Works 7.3
N-634 SalasLa Espina (first carriageway) In service 12.0
N-634 SalasLa Espina (second carriageway) Works contract rescinded 11.7
N-634 La Espina – Canero Under study 23.0