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Autozodiaco was an Italian car manufacturer located in Bologna, focusing mainly on dune buggies based on the VW Beetle. The company existed between 1968 and 1981.[1][2]

Car models (Dune buggy)[edit]

  1. Damaca 1971-1981
  2. Deserter 1968-1981 based on VW
    1. Deserter
    2. Deserter 1.2
    3. Deserter Neve
    4. Deserter Jumper
    5. Deserter Jumper 1.2
    6. Deserter Jumper 1600
  3. Kirby (Based on a Skoda engine) 1972-?
  4. Squalo 1971-?

Converter kits for VW Beetle[edit]



In the 1970s they produced the offroad motorbike Moto Zodiaco Tuareg. With large balloon tyres it was intended as a dune buggy.

The Moto Zodiaco was powered by a stroke single cylinder 227cc motor with 20bhp, (normally found in snowmobiles) and a pulley transmission (normally found in tractors).[3] The top speed was around 100 km/h.

The bike had a yank cord start but an electric starter was optional. It was available in colors: sunshine yellow, alpine white and red Verona.

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