L'Autre Afrique

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L'Autre Afrique
Autre Afrique Magazine.jpg
Editor Jean-Baptiste Placca
Categories News Magazine
Frequency Monthly
Year founded 1997
Company Private
Country France
Based in Paris
Language English French
Website [1]

L'Autre Afrique was a monthly news magazine published in Paris, France.[1]

History and profile[edit]

L'Autre Afrique was founded in 1997[2] by Paris-based journalist Jean-Baptiste Placca as a response to the clichéd and often reductive depiction of Africa in the Western media.[3] In contrast L'Autre Afrique sought to inspire a different reading that reflected the diversity of opinion, the multiple realities, unique terminology and complexities of daily life across a vast continent of more than 50 nations. This publication painted a picture of an Africa that existed apart from its associations as a continent troubled by political turmoil, famine and disease. It was headquartered in Paris[2] and sought to show an Africa that was serious and capable of being constructive.

L'Autre Afrique was thus characterised by rigorous investigation, in-depth analysis, detailed coverage and on-the-ground reportage. Placca also saw the newspaper as a pedagogical tool and called for African journalists to function as contributing agents to the growth of Africa.

L'Autre Afrique was distributed widely both in both Europe and Africa.[2] In this way it took advantage of the mobility that the French communication and transport infrastructure provided to develop a global network of journalists, analysts and photographers. This network proved difficult to sustain as financial pressures forced L'Autre Afrique to close after only three years. In 2001 Placca resurrected it with a clearer financial structure. The first issue was published on 1 July 2001.[4] In September 2001 the frequency switched to weekly.[4] Despite this and better distribution systems this attempt also ultimately failed.[2]


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