Autumn's Concerto

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Autumn's Concerto
Autumns concerto.jpg
Promotional poster for Autumn's Concerto
Also known as 下一站,幸福
Xia Yi Zhan, Xing Fu
Genre Romance, Drama
Directed by Chen Hui Ling
Opening theme "我愛他" (I Love Him) by Della Ding
Ending theme "突然想愛你" (Suddenly Want To Love You) by Della Ding and Wakin Chau
Country of origin Taiwan
Original language(s) Mandarin, Taiwanese[Note 1]
No. of episodes 21
Running time 60 mins (Sundays at 22:00)
Production company(s) Sanlih E-Television (SET)
Original channel Taiwan Television (TTV)
Original release 4 October 2009 (2009-10-04) – 28 February 2010 (2010-02-28)
Preceded by Easy Fortune Happy Life (福氣又安康)
Followed by PS Man (偷心大聖PS男)
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Autumn's Concerto (Chinese: 下一站,幸福; pinyin: Xià Yí Zhàn, Xìngfú; literally: "Next Stop, Happiness") is a 2009 Taiwanese drama series starring Ady An Vanness Wu of the boy band F4, and Tiffany Hsu. It was produced by Sanlih E-Television (SET) and directed by Wei-ling Chen. Filming began in June 2009 and was completed in December 2009.

The series was first broadcast in Taiwan on free-to-air Taiwan Television (TTV) (台視) from 4 October 2009 to 28 February 2010, on Sundays, 22:00 to 23:30. It was also shown on the cable network Sanlih E-Television (三立電視) from 10 October, 2009 to 6 March, 2010 on Saturdays, 21:00 to 22:30.

Autumn's Concerto was nominated in 2010 for Best Marketing Programmed (節目行銷獎) at the 45th Golden Bell Awards in Taiwan.[1] the show has also broken records with its high ratings. For example, It achieved a score of 8.23 on episode 18 (aired on 31 January, 2010), thus passing up The Prince Who Turns into a Frog to become the second highest rated Taiwanese idol drama, second only to Fated to Love You. Autumn's Concerto currently airs on Hawaii's KIKU television every Saturday at 7:00 PM.

The show is also known for being the starting point of child actor Xiao Xiao Bin.


Ren Guang Xi (Vanness Wu) is a handsome law student whose mother is the dean of his attending college. He had a bad childhood, and takes out his anger on the world by bullying others and taking advantage of his mother’s position. Liang Mu Cheng is a girl who has also had a rough past, but still strives to protect her stepmother from learning the truth about her perverted boyfriend, who sexually harasses her. She can’t stand it any longer, and studies to get into college to leave her stepmother’s boyfriend. Guang Xi and Mu Cheng meet over a dispute about a car, and Mu Cheng leaves Guang Xi with an impression that she is a manipulator and swears to make her show her true colours. Guang Xi then makes a bet with his friends that he could get Mu Cheng’s kiss within 24 hours. He asks Mu Cheng out, and her stepmother, a co-owner of the school canteen, fears that Guang Xi would shut down their business so she forced Mu Cheng to go along with the date. Mu Cheng had her own problems with the date as Guang Xi had threatened to have her best friend, Hua Tuo Ye (Chris Wu), expelled from the school because he gave Mu Cheng a book from the school library, which prohibits students from giving the books to those who aren’t in the school. Guang Xi is successful with his bet and Mu Cheng goes home to a delighted stepmother, who gets so worked up as to say that if she tells Mu Cheng to sell her body, Mu Cheng would do it. She also taunts Mu Cheng’s desire to play the piano again. Mu Cheng stomps out of the house in anger and runs to the college. She finds a piano in there, and plays Air on G String by Bach. Guang Xi is in that very room sleeping, and is reminded of his father, who committed suicide years before. He forces Mu Cheng to stop and begins to accuse her of being a manipulator. He then attempts to make Mu Cheng strip and stops when she starts to cry. He starts to look at Mu Cheng under a new light. Guang Xi tells her to start playing the piano for him every night. Days later, Mu Cheng’s stepfather hears that Guang Xi wouldn’t be able to attend their nightly session and takes advantage of it. He goes into the music room and attempts to rape Mu Cheng. He is caught by Mu Cheng’s stepmother and Guang Xi. Mu Cheng’s stepfather tries to blame it on Mu Cheng, but Guang Xi knows that he is lying, and the school gets involved. There is no evidence proving Mu Cheng innocent or guilty, so a Truth Investigation Court is held within the school to find justice. Guang Xi takes up the position of Mu Cheng’s lawyer. Tuo Ye found evidence and presented it to the court, which helped to win the case. Problems arise when Guang Xi's mother doesn't approve of their relationship and forces an arranged relationship on Guang Xi with He Yi Qian (Tiffany Hsu). Guang Xi later finds out that he has a tumour in his brain that had caused all of his trouble making. The chances of survival are very low, unless he undergoes a new process of surgery found by He Yi Qian’s father. However, the catch is that he has to leave Mu Cheng and marry Yi Qian. He refuses, but Mu Cheng finds out that he could have a higher percentage of surviving, and she is told to leave Guang Xi while he is undergoing surgery. Unwilling to allow Guang Xi take the bigger risk, she leaves him, later finding out that she is pregnant with his son.

Six years pass by, and Mu Cheng lives a quiet life with Guang Xi’s son, Xiao Le (Xiao Xiao Bin). Guang Xi lost his memory during the surgery, and doesn’t remember Mu Cheng. He is engaged to Yi Qian, and has become a successful lawyer. Guang Xi took on a case where he defends his client from rape charges. After winning the case, he hears his client speaking about the plaintiff (the victim of the rape) offensively, and gets foggy memories of the case with Mu Cheng, proceeding to hit his client. Due to his actions, he was sentenced to 240 hours of community service. The community service he is mandated to do by the law board sends him to the same town that Mu Cheng and Xiao Le are living in. He builds a strong bond with Xiao Le and Mu Cheng is reminded why she used to love him. The town is unwilling to let Guang Xi leave them after the ten days, and there are tearful goodbyes. On his wedding day with Yi Qian, he finds an SD card in his bracelet that had been with him for six years. In the card, there are pictures of Mu Cheng and him inside, and he regains all of his memories. He puts the pieces together, and discovers that Xiao Le is actually his son. The last memory he had of Mu Cheng was of her leaving him and telling him cruelly to let go of her. He becomes bitter and vengeful, telling Mu Cheng to marry him or else he would take away Xiao Le. He intends to make her life as miserable as possible. He had the same impression of Mu Cheng as before, and believes that she is a manipulator and a fraud. When they were on a trip together, Mu Cheng gets a call and discovers that Tuo Ye was accused of killing a gang leader, and leaves to help him. She and Tuo Ye’s mother beg him to defend Tuo Ye, and he agrees for Xiao Le’s sake. He finds the real killer, a girl who was kidnapped by the gang and was abused with drugs. Guang Xi intends to leave Mu Cheng, as he believes that she is in love with Tuo Ye, but Tuo Ye tells him the truth behind Mu Cheng leaving him. Still, Guang Xi and Mu Cheng’s relationship is falling apart.


Main cast[edit]

  • Ady An as Liang Mu Cheng, the main female protagonist, a young girl who falls in love with Ren Guang Xi
  • Vanness Wu as Ren Guang Xi, a famous and successful lawyer who falls in love with Liang Mu Cheng
  • Tiffany Hsu as He Yi Qian, Guang Xi's fiancee and a successful pediatrician
  • Chris Wu as Hua Tuo Ye, Mu Cheng's best friend
  • Xiao Xiao Bin as Xiao Le (or Liang Xiao Le or Ren Xiao Le), Mu Cheng and Guang Xi's son

Supporting cast[edit]


Autumn's Concerto Original Soundtrack
(下一站,幸福 電視原聲帶)
Soundtrack album Audio CD/Digital downloads by Various artists
Released 10 February 2010
Genre Mandopop
Language Mandarin
Label B'in Music (相信音樂)

Autumn's Concerto Original Soundtrack (下一站,幸福電視原聲帶) was released on February 10, 2010 by various artists under Universal Music Taiwan.[2] It contains thirteen songs, in which seven of them are instrumental versions of some songs. The album also includes a DVD. The opening theme song is "I Love Him" by Della Ding (丁噹), while the ending theme song is a duet by Della Ding and Wakin Chau entitled "Suddenly Want To Love You".

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Singer(s) Length
1. "I Love Him" (我愛他 Wo Ai Ta) 黃婷 陳威全 Della Ding (丁噹) 04:44
2. "Loved One" (親人) 陳沒 林邁可 Della Ding 04:53
3. "I Presumed - secret version" (拓也的秘密心願 - 我以為 inst.)     Yen-j (嚴爵) 02:23
4. "Not Letting Go" (相遇就不放手 inst.)     Yen-j (嚴爵) 01:59
5. "All for Love" (一切為了愛) 龔達虎、陳沒 聞震 Victor Wong 03:31
6. "I Love Him - Next Stop, Happiness version" (下一站,幸福 - 我愛他 inst.)     Yen-j (嚴爵) 02:29
7. "I Presumed" (我以為) 黃婷 品冠 Victor Wong 04:56
8. "Air On The G String" (G弦之歌 inst.)        
9. "Why Are Lying version" (最美麗的謊言 - 你為什麼說謊)       03:15
10. "Full of Imagination" (充滿幻想的年少 inst.)   嚴爵 Yen-j (嚴爵) 02:01
11. "Four-Leaf Clover" (幸運草) 黃婷 沈聖哲 Della Ding 04:24
12. "Loved One version" (愛你不要失憶 - 親人 inst.)       03:17
13. "Suddenly Want To Love You" (突然想愛你) 李焯雄 李玖哲、周立銘、周華健 Della Ding and Wakin Chau 04:52

International release[edit]

Autumn's Concerto was aired in the Philippines on February 14, 2011 (Valentine's Day) starting Monday at 4:45 pm in ABS-CBN. The schedule was then changed to every Saturday morning starting from 9:50 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. The drama series ended on September 17, 2011 in the Philippines.[3]

The title was changed to I Love You So (Autumn's Concerto), and the characters were changed into English names:

  • Liang Mu Cheng to Michelle Liang
  • Ren Guang Xi to Stanley Ren
  • He Yi Qian to Ingrid He
  • Hua Tuo Ye to Toby Hua
  • Liang Xiao Le/ Ren Xiao Le to Wacky Liang/ Wacky Ren

In Japan the drama was aired on Japanese cable channel DATV from February 27 to October 16, 2010 for 34 episodes.[4][5] It was also re-run on cable channel BS NTV from June 2, 2010 to January 26, 2011.[6]


  • Next Stop, Happiness: The Novel (an adaptation) (《下一站,幸福》原創小說), written by Liang Wen Ru, published by Kadokawa Media (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. on October 21, 2009. ISBN 978-986-237-358-3
  • Next Stop, Happiness - Notes from Planet Dala: The Photobook (《下一站,幸福 達拉星球愛記事》寫真書), produced by Sanlih E-Television, published by Kadokawa Media (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. on December 30, 2009. ISBN 978-986-237-438-2


  • Upcoming Korean adaptation of Autumn's Concerto.


  1. ^ A substantial amount of Taiwanese is spoken in the village, while Mandarin is spoken mostly in the Taipei scenes.


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