Aux Sables River (Spanish River)

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Aux Sables River
Rapids on the Aux Sables River in Chutes Provincial Park
Country Canada
Province Ontario
Districts Sudbury, Algoma
 - right West River aux Sables
Source Unnamed lake
 - location Algoma, Unorganized, North Part, Algoma District
 - elevation 451 m (1,480 ft)
 - coordinates 46°50′19″N 82°21′42″W / 46.83861°N 82.36167°W / 46.83861; -82.36167
Mouth Spanish River
 - location Sables-Spanish Rivers, Sudbury District
 - elevation 178 m (584 ft)
 - coordinates 46°12′38″N 82°03′30″W / 46.21056°N 82.05833°W / 46.21056; -82.05833Coordinates: 46°12′38″N 82°03′30″W / 46.21056°N 82.05833°W / 46.21056; -82.05833
Location of the mouth of the Aux Sables River in Ontario.

The Aux Sables River, also known as the River aux Sables and the Rivière aux Sables, is a river in Algoma and Sudbury Districts, Ontario, Canada which flows from an unnamed lake in Algoma District, through Lac aux Sables and empties into the Spanish River near the community of Massey.

At one time, the river was used to transport logs to sawmills downstream. It flows through Chutes Provincial Park, which was named after chutes used to bypass rapids on this river. The river is now mainly used for recreational canoeing, and kayaking.

Ontario Highway 810 follows the course of the river from Richie Falls in the north, south of Lac aux Sables, to Bull Lake in the south. Ontario Highway 553 continues south from there to Massey on Ontario Highway 17, first diverging from and then rejoining the river just north of Massey.


  • West River aux Sables

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