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In the realm of tumah and taharah terminology, the term Av HaTumah (father of tumah, or simply Av) is a rabbinic term for a person or object that is in a state of tumah (ritual impurity) to the second degree.

A person or object that is a Av HaTumah has the ability to transfer its tumah to another person or object (usually at a downgraded level of tumah).

There are two types of Av HaTumah, the first being one textually listed in the Torah (D'Oraita), the second being one of rabbinic origin (D'Rabbanan).

Torah source[edit]


An Av HaTumah is generally a person or object that is listed in the Torah. Common examples of an Av HaTumah include a zav, zavah, niddah, metzorah (leper), and midras.


A person or object that is under Av HaTumah status can usually be purified by immersion in a mikveh and the elapse of sunset.

An exception to purification eligibility are Terracotta vessels (that cannot be purified until broken).