Avalanche (Kings Dominion)

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KD Avalanche.jpg
Kings Dominion
Park section Safari Village
Coordinates 37°50′24.47″N 77°26′26.51″W / 37.8401306°N 77.4406972°W / 37.8401306; -77.4406972Coordinates: 37°50′24.47″N 77°26′26.51″W / 37.8401306°N 77.4406972°W / 37.8401306; -77.4406972
Status Operating
Opening date 1988
General statistics
Type Steel – Bobsled
Manufacturer Mack Rides
Model Bobsled
Lift/launch system Chain-lift
Height 69 ft (21 m)
Drop 12 ft (3.7 m)
Length 3,200 ft (980 m)
Speed 41 mph (66 km/h)
Inversions 0
Duration 1:30
G-force 3.4
Height restriction 40 in (102 cm)
Trains 3 trains with 7 cars. Riders are arranged 1 across in 2 rows for a total of 14 riders per train.
Fast Lane available
Avalanche at RCDB
Pictures of Avalanche at RCDB

Avalanche is a bobsled roller coaster at Kings Dominion in Doswell, Virginia, United States. Avalanche opened in 1988 and is the only Mack bobsled coaster running in the United States today. It is located in the Safari Village section of the amusement park. There are seven cars per train and the various cars are themed after Olympic bobsleds that represent five countries. The countries include France, the United States, Germany, Switzerland, and Canada. Each car has its country specific WInter Olympic decals.[1]


Avalanche features chutes or half pipes without any fixed tracks like most other roller coasters. Having no tracks allows the bobsled cars to move freely as if they are sliding on the ice as a real bobsled would.[1]


Each car in Avalanche seats two riders. One rider sits in between the legs of the first rider. It is a very close fit between the two straddling riders. Many people ride alone because it is such a tight squeeze.[1]


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