Avale Nanna Hendthi

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Avale Nanna Hendthi
Directed by S. Umesh
K. Prabhakar
Produced by K. Prabhakar
Starring Kashinath
Music by Hamsalekha
Cinematography Mallikarjuna
Edited by S. Umesh
Vijaya Films
Release date
Running time
136 minutes
Country India
Language Kannada

Avale Nanna Hendthi (translation: She's My Wife) is a 1988 Indian Kannada comedy-drama film directed by S. Umesh and K. Prabhakar, and produced by Vijay Films. It stars Kashinath and Bhavya in the lead roles. Dealing with the prevalent social issue of dowry system, the plot revolves around a man's struggle in getting his sister's marriage arranged to fulfill his mother's and sisters-in-law's desire for a dowry, despite being in love himself and wanting to marry first.[1] It features Mukhyamantri Chandru, N. S. Rao, Gora Bheema Rao, Thyagaraja Urs and Tara in supporting roles.

The film was remade in Telugu as Pelli Chesi Choodu (1988), in Tamil as Jaadikketha Moodi (1988) and in Hindi as Jawani Zindabad (1990).



SL.No Song Lyricist Artist
1 Manasidu Hakkiya Goodu Hamsalekha S P Balasubramanyam, Lata Hamsalekha
2 Neenu Hatthiravididdare Hamsalekha S P Balasubramanyam, Vani Jayaram
3 Hey Hudugi Hamsalekha S P Balasubramanyam, Vani Jayaram
4 Meese Hothha Gandasige Hamsalekha S P Balasubramanyam
5 Poorvadalli Chandra Bandaru Hamsalekha (Chorus)


The song "Meesha Hotte Gandasige Demandappo Demand" inspired a 1999 film of same name also starring Kashinath.[2]


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