Avalon (Anthony Green album)

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Studio album by Anthony Green
Released August 5, 2008
January 20, 2009 (Remix)
Recorded Late-February & Mid-March 2008 Canon Road Recording Studios in Avalon, NJ
Genre Indie
Length 65:21
Label Photo Finish Records
Producer Anthony Green, Joe Dell'aquila
Anthony Green chronology
Beautiful Things
(2012)Beautiful Things2012
Avalon Remix cover
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AbsolutePunk.net (79%) [1]
Alternative Press 4/5 stars[citation needed]
Stereokill 3.5/5 stars [2]

Avalon is the debut solo album by current Saosin and current Circa Survive, vocalist Anthony Green. It was released August 5, 2008 on Photo Finish Records, with a US tour to coincide with its release. Keith Goodwin, Tim Arnold, and Dan Schwartz (also known as the band Good Old War) have guest appearances on this record. The album leaked in its entirety on August 1, 2008. Anthony Green's Avalon is being made available on vinyl LP. The package includes the limited Vinyl LP and Digital Remix CD of Avalon, remixes created by Colin Frangicetto of Circa Survive.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "She Loves Me So" 3:52
2. "Dear Child (I've Been Trying To Reach You) [2003 Version]" 3:23
3. "Drug Dealer" 2:52
4. "Stonehearted Man" 3:24
5. "Babygirl" 3:29
6. "Miracle Sun" 3:42
7. "Califone" 3:31
8. "Springtime Out The Van Window" 4:28
9. "Slowing Down (Long Time Coming)" 1:44
10. "The First Day Of Work At The Microscope Store" 3:09
11. "Devil's Song (This Feels Like A Nightmare)" 5:25
Total length: 38:59
High & Driving EP
No. Title Length
12. "Babygirl" 2:32
13. "First Day Of Work At The Microscope Store (Dancing For The Cameras On The Traffic Lights)" 1:44
14. "The Fisherman Will Be Bewildered" 3:32
15. "Plays Ugly For Daddy" 2:48
No. Title Length
16. "She Loves Me So (Demo)" 3:34
17. "Stonehearted Man (Demo)" 4:06
18. "Slowing Down (Demo)" 1:58
19. "Devils Song (Demo)" 2:47
Bonus Track
No. Title Length
20. "Dear Child (I've Been Dying To Reach You) [Good Old War Version]" 3:27
Total length: 65:21
The Jackie Haenn Medical Fund B-Sides
No. Title Length
1. "Ripped Apart" 3:12
2. "Take A Giant Step (The Monkees Cover)" 1:35
Total length: 4:47
Avalon Remix
No. Title Length
1. "She Loves Me So" 3:49
2. "Dear Child (I've Been Dying To Reach You)" 4:13
3. "Drug Dealer" 3:01
4. "Stonehearted Man" 3:35
5. "Babygirl" 3:41
6. "Miracle Sun" 4:20
7. "Califone" 4:12
8. "Slowing Down (Long Time Coming)" 3:29
9. "The First Day Of Work At The Microscope Store" 3:07
10. "Devil's Song (This Feels Like A Nightmare)" 4:29
11. "Ripped Apart" 4:39
Total length: 42:30

CD video extras[edit]

  1. Dear Child (I've Been Dying To Reach You) Making of the Video - 3-minute-long behind the scenes
  2. Avalon - Making of the Album - 10-minute-long documentary